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Vision Statement

Better health and well being – emotional, spiritual, and physical - for everyone!

  • Know and embrace their true power to create vibrant health and wellness 

    • Correct false beliefs, embrace foundational practices and apply them in their lives. 

Mission Statement

My mission is to bridge the connection between beliefs and health; to educate people about the fundamentals required for better health and wellness; to bridge the connection between their beliefs and their state of health; to show them that their power comes from within and that it is their responsibility to stand in their power. 


I will assist them by

  • Uncovering deep-seated limiting beliefs that impede their wellness,

  • Sharing validated information on a variety of important health and wellness fundamentals

  • Offering an array of personalized nutritional/functional analyses

  • Co-creating a plan of action that includes diet, exercise, mental/emotional awareness; and when appropriate quality customized supplements and  referrals to qualified practitioners of other specialties and

  • Providing step by step in their endeavor to create and maintain the new habits


Every client is empowered with new self-knowledge

and supported to put it into action.

Real Knowledge +  Conviction x Action


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