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Dr. Hall has partnered with Regenr8 to provide cutting edge wellness testing using their Epigenetic Biomarker Profile (EBP). [See the  excellent video  "What is epigenetics?" on the Resources page.] The EBP
"utilizes epigenetics to analyze metabolic biomarkers of cellular processes that are genetically, epigenetically, and environmentally altered. By assessing a patient’s ability to meet vital cellular functions it will identify problem areas before they become health issues."
These results are used to create a custom blend of plant nutrients, called OPTIM8, that is designed to address the nutrient abnormalities discovered on the EBP.  Each blend is formulated specific to each individual's needs.
"OPTIM8™ mixes are a rare and unique blend of specially grown vegetables, herbs, fruits and spices, designed for our clients to provide a dietary augmentation that completes their everyday normal diet."
Click here for more information about the Regenr8 Program.
Please note that further testing may be indicated based on  the EBP results and all of the information gathered by Dr. Hall specific to the individual.

The tests below are included in the 

Epigenetic Biomarker Panel

EBP picture.png
cell-energy picture.png
Cellular Energy Assessment
vitamins picture.png
B-Vitamin/Methylation Cofactor Assessment
muscles-1 picture.png
Muscle Assessment
gut-image picture.png
Gut Assessment
amino-acids picture.png
Amino Acid Assessment
stress and inflammation image.png
Inflammation &
Oxidative Stress
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